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Well I'd like to say hello to all the new members, and also to the old ones that have stuck around for so long!

I figured it would be a good time to put down some rules! No, no, don't get all upset, it's not much! It's nothing like "you are only allowed to submit at 10:05 pm." or something silly, just some basic ones!

1. All images have to have make-up in it! Seriously! It's a make-up group! We don't need a pretty picture of you with nothing but mascara on or something. We want to see some awesome make-up designs! This isn't a photography group!

2. Nothing extremely photoshopped! It's ok to tweak something, but when something is obviously photoshopped, don't add it!

3. No duplicates! No need to submit 20 pictures of the same design with a billion different angles, one is plenty. If you have pictures that show different details of the design that you can't see in the other pictures, thats fine. But just don't have a million of the same look, just tilted 20 degrees!

4. Put your designs in the correct folders! I know sometimes you forget, but TRY to put them in! Seriously, it makes the group so much easier to navigate if they're in the right spot!

That's it! Have fun submitting and viewing!
So I've finally added folders! Yay! They are pretty self explanatory. The feature folder will showcase some of the best in the group and the rest are everything thats been submitted. Now when submitting work, try to put it in the correct folder. I'll go through and change all the ones that were incorrectly submitted (I've made this mistake many many times!).

*edit* There is a drop down menu at the top of the submission page that you can choose which folder.

So this makes things much easier to navigate! Enjoy the new folders, throw a party and keep submitting your great stuff! :D
Happy New Year! With a new year, a new group is created! I'll be adding a bunch of stuff on here soon. Feel free to contribute!

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